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Breakfast – A tradition or a planned plot?

Morning meal, of course, is important for every person living on planet Earth. If someone utrechkom can not master a couple spoonfuls of semolina, the above fact does not become a fraud. Without an early meal, the body can acquire many harmful shades, which in the future will certainly greet their master with serious complications. Hungry dawn, increases the chances of obesity, the development of diabetes, which sooner or later lead to a heart attack. Interesting fact – everywhere any normal hotel, includes in the room price, a small morning snack. This coincidence speaks only of the importance of breakfast in the daily life of mankind. Where did the habit come from, eat in the morning? Who planted the population of our planet on the morning food needle? Is the Masonic plot conspired here, or should people just have to eat? Let’s understand.

The word “breakfast”?

You can start from the very beginning, with the word “breakfast”. The first mention of this term is fixed in the legendary historical epic, “The Lay of Igor’s Host”. Immediately one feels the gray antiquity of this expression and tradition, which is directly related to it. Russian people used to say “Zautrok”, an approximate translation meant “eating next morning”. According to legends and rumors, an expression emerged at the everyday level. In distant villages, when the peasant was going to work, he needed to eat well, so as not to fall dead in the field, between the beds. A simple banal reason, made a woman cook a little more food in the evening than usual. Food left over from the evening, in the morning it was necessary to warm up and use. Different areas of ancient Russia called the early zhor in their own way: “interception”, “snacking”, “early kus”. The meaning remained the same. The time, which, as is known, sharpens the stones, went, a strange word migrated into what people have now. Always, the engine of progress was an ordinary hard worker without suspecting this fact. Then it was not a tradition, but only a forced meal neglected by the rich. A real cult, it started in 1944, thanks to the active marketing company of the American company General Foods.

Morning dryness is American.

In the distant 1944, American manufacturers of ready-made food Grape Nuts decided to make a good money. The company began to slowly promote the product – breakfast cereals. To reach the public reached a truly global scale, a strong advertising line was organized, which was merciless. Radio, billboard, newspapers, leaflets. Of all the cracks, various specialists, sprinkling saliva in all directions, argued one thing – breakfast cereals are cool. The slogan “Well ate in the morning – all work for hooray” was thrown out to the masses. People gladly picked up the idea, giving away the money they earned. It seemed that the conspiracy of large corporations in person, but – the body needs energy, give it a delicious, nutritious breakfast. Despite the huge benefits of the transatlantic tycoons, a person continues to eat useful and not very food. Refusing, each will cause irreparable financial damage to companies and play in a box. Therefore, you decide whether to eat or starve. It is necessary to distract yourself and devote yourself to cooking light, simple culinary recipes that are lightly handled, performed at home.

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